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12 things about beads

  1. A bead is a classification that includes anything with a hole that goes through it so that it can be threaded.
  2. The oldest known beads are 100,000 years old
  3. The earliest beads were formed from natural materials such as sedds, wood, shells etc.
  4. Lampwork is the process by which beads are created by hand over a torch flame.
  5. Annealing is a controlled process of cooling a bead to ensure maximum strength.
  6. Beads have been used as currency in many different cultures.
  7. AB coating on beads is a surface treatment resembling the Northern Lights. AB stands for Aurora Borealis.
  8. Pressed glass beads are made in bulk using molds into which moltem glass is squashed.
  9. Crystal beads such as Swarovski crystals contain lead oxide to improve the clarity of the glass.
  10. Faux beads are synthetic versions of naturally occuring materials.
  11. Most gem stone beads are treated before being sold to improve their colour or stability.
  12. Modern scientific technology has enabled new styles of beads to be developed such as crackle, catseye and reflective beads.