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12 things About Wedding Customs

  1. The custom of the wedding ring is believed to date back to Roman times. It is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand as the finger has the Vena Amoris or "vein of love" running up it and it was believed to travel to the heart.
  2. Traditionally at weddings confetti (originally made from seeds and petals) was thrown over the bride and groom as they emerged from the church to bestow a blessing of fertility on the couple. As there was no Bnefits system, children were a blessing as they would look after you in old age.
  3. Wedding favours were traditionally given to the women guests at a wedding. A small muslin bag containing 5 nuts to symbolise health, wealth, fertility, happiness and fidelity.
  4. "Something old" an anchor to the brides heritage
  5. "Something new" Signified wealth
  6. "Something Borrowed" the bride would pass on her happiness to the loaner.
  7. "Something Blue" To show the brides purity
  8. "And a silver sixpence in my shoe" To show the ongoing wealth and happiness of the couple.
  9. Bridesmaids would originally dress in similar outfits to the bride so that any evil spirits waiting to bestow bad luck on the bride would be confussed.
  10. Tossing the bouquet passed on the luck and happiness of the bride to the catcher. they would also be thought to be the next to marry.
  11. Carrying the bride over the threshold means that the bride cannot fall while entering her new house and she therfore will not be bestowed with bad luck.
  12. Chimney sweeps at weddings came about because one managed to stop King Goerge III's horse after it bolted. The king then decreed that all chiney sweeps would bring good luck