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12 things about running a greasy spoon

  1. Getting home at night smelling like a fried sausage.
  2. Listening to the same crap jokes over and over from the self appointed village comedian
  3. Watching the door for the local (Washed once a year) tramp to clear the café.
  4. Fishing the loo roll out of the gents toilet.
  5. Trying to squeeze the £2.00 overnight money out of a driver sneakily parked out back all night.
  6. Doing 150 sausage sandwiches and drinks at 5.30am on a Sunday morning for the Angling Club who want to be on the bank in half an hour..
  7. Trying to fill in for two members of staff who have taken a sudden sickie on the same day.
  8. Getting up at 5.30 am 7 days a week except Angling Club Sundays when its earlier.
  9. Entertaining the snotty Health and Safety guy from the Council every year.
  10. The monthly de-grease of the kitchen walls and ceiling due to everything being cooked in deep fat/oil.
  11. The electricity breaking down 4 or 5 times a year (No gas in the village)And the good part
  12. Selling to some unsuspecting sod so I can retire.